Avaline Logistics

Avaline Logistics offers a wide range of services that include Automotive Logistics, Chemical Logistics, Warehousing Solutions, 3PL Consulting, and 3PL.

Avaline Logistics, a UAE based company, has been established to take care of all logistics operations related to all subsidiaries of Avaline Holding Corporation in addition to serving external clients and companies across the globe through partnerships with international shipping and clearance companies.

Avaline Logistics mainly focuses on the below services:

    Avaline Logistics’ sea freight solutions focus on providing flexible services that deliver tangible and profitable benefits to its valued clients. Transporting cargo by sea is acknowledged as one of the most cost efficient means of moving goods across great distances.
    Avaline Logistics works closely with airlines and freight forwarders to offer seamless air freight solutions to customers around the world. As a leading provider of air cargo services in the region, we offer our clients an unmatched repertoire of experiences and skills in cargo freight management, and air operations.

    Avaline Logistics is the leading provider of freight and road transport services. Due to the distinctive nature of our customer base, geographic footprint and scale of operations, we are able to deliver haulage and road transport services that demonstrate a fresh collaborative way of thinking and push the boundaries of transportation.
    Utilized by leading retail and manufacturing brands in the UAE, Avaline Logistics’ Warehousing and Distribution solutions offer state-of-the-art storage facilities, strategically located across the Middle East.


Avaline Logistics covers 140 destinations covering Europe, Gulf, America, Far East, and Africa. We pride ourselves by our extensive network reach which allows fast communication and premium service to our customers. Where ever you are, where ever your cargo is going, Avaline Logistics can accommodate your requirements and provide you with a cheaper more economic solution to move your cargo.

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